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Tangalle, Sri Lanka

The Tangalle area:

In Tangalle you escape the tourists and discover the real Sri Lanka, away from the tourist masses of the west coast, offering you a unique experience of this beautiful country.

Even the journey here is breathtaking, Tangalle is about a two-hour drive from Galle along the spectacular A2 coast road - but takes longer if you stop to stare!

The diving is superb – but there are also plenty of other activities we can arrange for you:

Snorkelling – hire the equipment from us and we can arrange for local fishermen to take you out to the best sites. TDC also hires out snorkelling gear ¬– and we provide it free of charge to partners of divers whilst diving.

Surfing – there are two good surf breaks in the area, just ask us for directions

Fishing – beach casting or boat fishing

Boat trips – admire the beautiful coastline accompanied by a local fisherman

Safaris to Yala or Bundala – complete with experienced guide (click on About The Area to find out more about these fantastic wildlife reserves)

Tangalle Bay is also the perfect place to kick back and indulge in doing nothing as the waves gently lap up to the sandy shore. But if you can rouse yourself from the laid-back vibe of the beach, there’s plenty to see without having to stray too far:

Less than an hour away...

Turtle watching at Rekawa: Recently named one of the top eco-sites in the world because of the important turtle conservation work taking place here. This stretch of beach is one Sri Lanka’s most important turtle-nesting sites – and some lucky visitors have watched as female turtles crawl to shore to lay their eggs.

The Hummanaya Blow Hole: Off the general tourist trail, but very popular with locals, the blow hole is a spectacular natural fountain with water pushed through a submerged cavern and pushed upwards – often as high as 25 metres.

Mulgirigala Rock Temple: Ancient steps lead you through a series of natural caves with its stunning wall paintings. Call in at the village of Mulgirigala on the way and watch brassworkers create bells, oil lamps and maybe pick up a souvenir.

Take a jungle river safari: As dusk falls, you can travel down the river at nearby Ambalantota and watch as playful monkeys follow your progress, surrounded by the mystery of the surrounding jungle.

Less than two hours away...

Bundala National Park: An important wetland, Bundala is home for many migratory birds as they seek shelter from northern winters and you certainly should remember to take a camera to capture the sights as flocks flamingos fly in to join permanent residents such as storks, herons and egrets. More than 150 species live here. But not all the wildlife is feathered. Visitors spot elephants, crocodiles, jackals and five species of turtle.

Ussangoda: The legendary evil king of Hindu mythology, Ravana, is said to have landed here in his special peacock chariot. Whether truth or legend, the area’s unique landscape is worth a look and the red earth is barren, possibly the result of meteor that struck centuries ago.

Yala National Park: Safaris leave from the town of Tissa. The biggest and most popular of all of Sri Lanka’s reserves, it is home to the world’s densest population of leopards – and the best place in Sri Lanka to spot them - as well as the sloth bear, elephants, crocodiles and much more.


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